The township of Greenfield situated in the far western portion of Gallia County, Ohio had seen its trials and tribulations on more occasions than once with the devastation of fire with no fire department for response. This concern finally come to head when a group of concerned citizens began holding meetings with the Greenfield Township Board of Trustees to express their concern of no fire protection for their rural community.

A committee was established to explore the legalities to charter a fire department. In addition, the said committee sought out funding options to fund the fire department and what training and equipment would be needed for this foregoing challenge. In 1987 the Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Department was organized and chartered by the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s office and was under the governance of the Greenfield Township Board of Trustees.


The newly organized fire department only consisted of about 10 members where the membership was responsible for electing their own leadership. Upon being chartered the fire department received two apparatus’ on donation from the VFRO to begin their fire suppression operations. Those vehicles consisted of a 1963 Pirsch engine and a 1970 Chevy pick up for wildfires. In addition, several pieces of protective clothing, fire hose, nozzles, appliances, etc. was donated to the new department from neighboring fire departments. All this equipment was stored in the then chief’s barn until a fire station could be built. There was one pager that was monitored by the chief and his wife. When a call for service was alerted the primary communication to notify other members was by means of telephone where the chief’s wife would begin calling the other members.

In 1988 a fire station was erected on property owned by the township by a block grant awarded by the Gallia County Commissioners that funded 100% of the project. Once the new station was turned over to the township the fire department began having an annual fundraising event to assist in funding the operations of the department. This event better known as the “Hog Roast” is still actively functioning today. In addition, a tax levy was heavily supported by the voters of the township to fund the department.

Throughout the years with a strong proactive administration with the aid in grant funding the department has a strong membership of highly trained personnel to the Level II firefighter, EMT-B, HAZMAT technician, NIMS compliancy, and other training for tactical operations. Each member is provided with the most up to date protective equipment along with a pager and portable radio. The department has grown significantly from a two truck operation providing minimal services too having in service two of the most efficient pumpers, a tanker, wildfire truck, boat, trailer for HAZMAT/Heavy rescue, and an all terrain vehicle. The department has expanded its services to providing rescue, water rescue, hazardous material incident technical operations, and medical first response. The department is an active member of the Gallia County Firefighter Association and all fire dispatch operations is conducted out of the Gallia County 911 Emergency Communications Center.